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Tents Pitched Till Date

Camp Hideout is literally a ‘hideout’ for people who want to escape in to Nature.

Here you will experience:

  • Peace
  • Nature
  • Panoramic views
  • Fun and challenging adventure activities
  • Forest and outdoors
  • Campfire & barbecue
  • Fresh and hot vegetarian food

Activites At Camp Hideout

Mountain Biking

Explore the wilderness with the thrill of off road cycling! Camp Hideout is surrounded by never ending trails that take you through woods, mountain villages and also the beautiful lakeside!

Fun Challenge Course

Everyone likes to play! Our ropes course gives an opportunity to children as well as adults to indulge in adventure activities in a very fun and challenging way! It’s a playground for the family!

Climb ladders, hang on ropes, cross mazes, feel like a commando! And watch your friends having fun!


Explore the beautiful mountain range of Temghar region. With each spot giving you a panoramic view of the backwaters, there are plenty of trails to keep you challenged!

Not the rugged type? Enjoy the simple hike on our mountain and you won’t regret the effort!

Lake Visit

Fancy a dip in the chilling backwaters? A short walk to the lake side and you wouldn’t wanna come back! When you are at the water side, hours feel like minutes. Sitting with your feet dipped in comfortably chill water, gentle breeze flowing around your face, freshness of the mud aroma and beautiful views all around. This will recharge you for months!


Dance nahi kiya to kya kiya? Set yourself loose on the open air dance floor and tap your way to the bollywood madness. We play everything from the popular dance hits to the latest sensations.

Valley Swing

The craziest of activity that we have, this is not your childhood swing! A whooping 30 feet tall swing, that will launch you straight into the valley over a cliff! Scary as it sound, it will give you the experience of a lifetime and unmatched aerial view of the backwaters.

Live Music

Soulful…mood lifting…romantic…the live music sessions are the most memorable experiences at camp hideout. We have the best of the best band crew that performs at our campsite. The music is so sensational, you will find yourself singing the tunes at your workplace the next day!

Open Air Cinema

Legs stretched out on the grass, a backdrop of starry sky and cool breeze playing around…how does that sound as a setup to watch your favorite movies under the open sky!

Facilities At Camp Hideout

Camp Hideout currently offers tent stay. The tents are pitched on lush green lawns and provided with foam mats and blankets to give you a comfortable outdoorsy feel. We use tents of best quality and suitable to the actual weather on the site.


Camp Hideout has well constructed separate WC units for both women and men. Bathing facility is also availble.


Camp Hideout always offers fresh and hot food which is cooked at the site. We only provide pure vegetarian food. Jain food is available on prior communication. Outside food (except baby food) is not allowed on the site.


Camp Hideout has an open meeting hall overlooking the beautiful mountains and backwaters. It is suitable to conduct a meeting, presentation, stage acts and group games.


We are proudly powered by the Sun! Camp Hideout is backed up by solar panels and most of our electricity comes from natural source. We provide charging facilities to our guests throughout their stay.


A dedicated parking lot is available to station your vehicles during your time at Camp Hideout.


A lush green 3000 sq. ft. of lawn to host your evening parties and theme events!




Our Special Events

Star Gazing

Stars, planets and outer space have always been a subject of curiosity for everyone. At Camp Hideout, we conduct special star gazing sessions “Beyond Earth” in which research astronomers take you through a journey of the space and enlighten you with amazing facts and knowledge of astronomy!

Fireflies Camping

Insects that light up! Yes, fire flies are the speically gifted creatures that exhibit the bioluminiscence phenomenon. During their mating season in May and June, the trees at Camp Hideout are filled with thousands of glittering fireflies, which is a spectacle that can’t be described in words!

Temghar MTB Challenge

Every January, Camp Hideout is full of adrenaline as it is the time for high action moutnain bike racing! Athletes from all over India drop in for this power packed weekend for Downhill and Cross Country races. A must visit to watch flying bikes and have a first hand experience through workshops!

Kids Camps

Come holiday season and kids get super excited to go out and explore! Every summer and winter holiday calls for adventure camps where children experience nature, adventure activities, social engagement and make new friends at our summer and winter camps.

New Year Party

Start the new year with positivity! Yes, that is our motto! Our new year’s eve is strictly non alcoholic and we welcome the new year in a very friendly and positive way, surrounded by nature. And yes, with all the fun of music, dance, dj, live music, adventure activities and delicious food!

Company Outings

A fun outing motivates your company teams like nothing else! A smooth combination of fun games, team building activities and chilled out sessions in the nature topped with dance and music creates wonders for teams!

Location Map

Campsite Address: Vegre Gaon, Near Lavarde, Off Lavasa Road, Temghar Dam Backwaters, Mulshi Taluka, Pune 412115.

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